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About Kumkumadi

Shree Vishwamurti ayurved chikitsalay chinchwad

Kumkumadi oil is made by using Ayurved ancient text. It has a unique preparation method. mostly it contains Keshar, safflower, lotus, Laksha, manashila, and many more. It is described in vagbhat and bhaishajya ratnawali 

legendary kumkumadi oil works best to remove dullness, hyperpigmentation, melasma blemishes, dark circles, sun damaged, and signs of aging.


The Best Kumkumadi tailam face oil serum prescribed in Ayurveda for glowing complexion and even skin tone. This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy by making it glow naturally. Your skin looks fresh, hydrated, nourished, and soothed every day.

In Ayurveda, rare pure Saffron helps illuminate the complexion. Extracts of Indian Madder and Banyan tree help smooth fine lines and repair early signs of aging.


As we all have heard too much of anything is bad’, using too many products can also do more harm than good to your skin. Teal and terra have formulated a concoction of goodness namely, Kumkumadi Oil - Anti-Ageing Kumkumadi Night Serum for Pigmentation & dark spots removal. The purest of these ingredients nurture, hydrate, and heal the skin leaving it healthy and beautiful.


Kumkumadi oil  is known to have been an effective treatment for pigmentation for years now. It is used at night after gently cleansing the skin for the best results. It also works best on signs of aging and skin cell regeneration. It promotes overall skin health.


For all

  • Suitable for all skin types - Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive & Combination.

  • Best for women, men & childrens above 10 yrs.

  • Brightens dull skin and gives you a golden glow naturally.

  • Reduces scars, dark spots and replenish and retain the moisture of your skin.

  • Reduces fine lines, signs of aging and gives you a youthful look again.

  • Relieves dark circles and removes pigmentation, blemishes & acne marks.

  • Perfect solution to look fresh, hydrated, nourished, and soothed every day.

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